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Job Description

Posted on: 
June 17, 2024

General Purpose of the Position:

To review customer orders placed on the plant. To create and review production orders created andensure these orders are run efficiently in the plant to meet the customer’s expectations at thehighest efficiencies while watching production cost.
Create and manage job travelers and ensure jobs move efficiently through the production process.Ensure that Company/Plant Safety/Health Practices and Environmental Regulations are adhered to.

Reports to:

Direct = Director of Operations
Dotted Line = Engineering Manager and Facility Manager


Principle Responsibilities/Accountabilities:

1. Schedule the production plan based on sales and forecasted requirements in conjunction with production capacities.

2. Review and firm MRP requirements and plan jobs in the production schedule and update and keep current the database.

3. Coordinate with inside sales to review sales order backlog.

4. Plan for outstanding demands and future job suggestions with upcoming delivery dates and any unique customer needs.

5. Coordinate and communicate changes to the production schedule.

6. Work with purchasing and inventory in the preparing and execution of the production plan to ensure material availability.

7. Work with engineering on jobs for new and existing parts and assemblies and make sure job travelers are accurate.

8. Work with manufacturing and engineering to ensure system production and costing information is correct.

9. Maintain & update delivery dates on orders based on plant capacity, product demand, cycle times and backlog.

10. Ensure that requirements for both stock and made-to-order items are supplied within established service guidelines or commitments. Escalate situations where service will be compromised to the appropriate Manufacturing or Product Manager.

11. Troubleshoot Epicor error messages.

12. Expedite orders when and where necessary.

13. Communicate with sales to provide updates on orders and resolve any shipping-related issues.

14. Ensure that plant operations are conducted in such a fashion that environmental difficulties are few, including maintenance of acceptable work practices in all areas.

15. Create various reports and distribute as required.

16. Participate in quality teams and groups.

17. The employee must be completely conversant with applicable safety, loss prevention, and environmental standards of the Company, and plant. The employee must also be aware of the regulatory requirements and must implement those standards as specified in the standards and regulatory requirements in this work assignment.

18. Performs other duties as assigned.

Major Challenges:

  1. Acquiring the knowledge of manufacturing process capabilities to understand the interaction between a customer’s desired date to receive product versus Morgan Steel manufacturing cycle times.
  2. Find the balance of meeting the customer’s date to receive product and the need to allow for the plant to be effectively scheduled.
  3. Prioritizing production requirements for the most efficient use of the plants operations.
  4. Monitoring raw materials and advising purchasing / inventory of potential stock outs.
  5. Affect last-minute changes without adversely affecting quoted deliveries.
  6. Develop and implement solutions to shipping schedule conflicts.
  7. Must be receptive to change and assist in the integration of new processes and technology into plant operations. Utilize past experience in shipping steel products.

Job Requirements

Knowledge and Skill Required:

  1. High school diploma or equivalent. A college degree is desired for this position along with prior experience working in a manufacturing environment.
  2. Working knowledge with an ERP system such as Epicor, SAP, Oracle or etc.
  3. 3+ years’ experience in production planning / scheduling with a manufacturing company. Prior experience in manufacturing, shipping, forecasting, production and demand planning.
  4. Working knowledge of Microsoft 365, Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Teams.
  5. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  6. Attention to detail and great organizational / planning skills.
  7. Ability to identify and resolve system errors.
  8. Strong analytical skills and ability to multitask.
  9. Strong communication and human relations skills.
  10. Flexible work hours.

Other Quantitative Measures

Organizational Impact:

Final Decision-Making Authorities:

Establish ship dates for customer orders and stock replenishment orders.Initiate / maintain product time periods to advise ship dates and scheduling.Involved in decisions affecting overall product and process.

Decisions Recommended:

Adjustments to production schedules to meet customer requirements.Ways to optimize production of all Morgan Steel manufacturing facilities


  1. Competitive wage and opportunities for growth
  2. Comprehensive health, dental, and vision insurance plan that is paid by the employer.
  3. 401(k) retirement savings plan with company match.
  4. PTO (Paid Time Off) days and company predetermined holidays

Safety Equipment:

• Company required PPE (Hardhat, gloves, safety glasses) provided by company.

• Company required PPE, safety (Alloy, Composite, Steel) toe shoes provided by the employee.

• In the warehouse and production area, long or short sleeves and long pants with a belt.

Key Internal Relationships/Complexities:

Shipping Dept. - Production Supervisors

Facility Manager - Director of Operations

Accounting - Production Operators

Purchasing - Sales Department

Key External Relationships/Complexities:



Truck Drivers

Suppliers / Delivery employees

Other Quantitative Measures

Projects Delivered On-Time

Projects Delivered Late

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