About Us

Morgan Steel is a leading metal service center and manufacturer, offering nationwide distribution, processing, and delivery, driven by a commitment to building relationships, quality, and ongoing growth.
Leading Metal Service Center

Morgan Steel is a leading Metal Service Center and Fabricator headquartered in Memphis, TN with an additional service location in Greenville, TX. Morgan Steel offers a full range of metal products available for delivery, and services ranging from cutting to welding to powder coating – and everything in-between.

A Premier Metal Service Center, with over 500 tons of steel and parts delivered daily via in-house trucking fleet
Team of more than 300 skilled and experienced people committed to quality and service.
Serving industries ranging from manufacturing, agriculture, truck & trailer, fabrication, construction, steel service centers, and more
Committed to clear values, strong relationships, customer success, and top quality.

How We Made It


Morgan Steel was founded in February 2014 in Memphis, TN by brothers Scott and Chris Morgan. Drawing on over 20 years of relationships and success in the Service Center industry, they started out with a team of 18 employees, a small office, a 45,000 sqft warehouse, 2 delivery trucks, 2 saws, 1 shear, and a big vision. Growing up in their father Danny Morgan’s commercial construction company, Scott and Chris learned from an early age the value of hard work and respect for all people. Under their leadership and with the tremendous efforts of the inaugural Morgan Steel Team the company would see this successful people-first formula of service and relationships set the pace for growth from day one.


Morgan Steel continued to focus on growth, acquiring an adjacent property in February 2016 that included additional warehouse, processing, and office space while adding capacity in trucking, saw-cutting, and shearing.  In the spring of 2017 Morgan Steel started construction on a 40,000 sqft. warehouse next to the original plant. The commission of this facility in October of that year would almost double the distribution and processing space offered. As a result the company saw an huge expansion in its service area and continued to add to the rapidly growing team.


In response to growing customer need for one-stop-shop suppliers, Morgan Steel began expanding its processing and fabrication offerings with the installation of a Mazak 6kw 4020 Fiber Laser, AccurPress 12ft x 250-ton Press Brake, and Messer 400a 10ft x 42ft Plasma/Oxy Cutting Table. In an industry seeking to streamline manufacturing, the popularity of these services would set the course for Morgan Steel’s future. 


In a year marked by the addition of new and expanding capabilities Morgan Steel installed a BLM Group LT8-10 Tube Laser and a HAAS VF7/50 CNC Machining Center, followed by a Bystronic 10kw 4020 Fiber Laser and Xpert80 Press Brake. In response to customer need for additional value in the parts being processed, Morgan Steel began to offer Welding Services to its customers in a new 5,000 sqft addition. 


To meet its customers’ growing demand for processing and fabrication service as well as the need for additional distribution space, Morgan Steel acquired a nearby 220,000 sqft facility as a flat-rolled steel warehouse and consolidated fabrication shop. Moving all existing laser, shear, press brake, and welding services into the space improved efficiency, and the addition of a Bystronic 12kw 4020 Fiber Laser with sheet automation, Bystronic Exact Smart 300t Press Brake,  and Robotic Welding Cells saw a huge uptick in processing capacity. Machining capacity was also increased with a new HAAS VF4SS Vertical Machining Center.


As demand grew Morgan Steel continued to invest in its commitment to maintaining short lead times and flexible service by adding a BLM LT8.20 Tube Laser, a second Bystronic 12kw 4020 fiber laser with sheet automation, and second Bystronic Xpert80 Press Brake. Later the same year two Bystronic 15kw 4020 Fiber Laser were added to the fleet.


With manufacturers to reshore parts and requiring more efficient domestic supply chains, Morgan Steel began a multi-phase project to add a nearly 1 million lb capacity Antil Automated Sheet Tower and Bystronic Automated Part Denesting System to its 15kw Fiber Lasers, followed by the addition of a Mazak 15kw 3015 Fiber Laser the same year. Staying true to its roots, Morgan Steel also continued to add to its saw cutting, shearing, and distribution fleet. 


In the most exciting growth year to date, Morgan Steel opened a new Service Center location 45 minutes from Dallas in Greenville, TX to offer local Steel Distribution and Processing services to the Texas market. This location would have the backing of the full Morgan Steel inventory and processing capabilities in Memphis, as well as offering in-house steel distribution, saw-cutting, laser-cutting, and press brake forming from day one. In the same timeframe Morgan Steel partnered with Prime Powder Coating to open a 50,000 sqft state-of-the art Powder Coating facility nearby its Memphis headquarters. Under the leadership of President Cory McCabe, Prime Powder Coating offers custom coating services and equips Morgan Steel to offer coated parts produced with 100% in-house capabilities. As part of the vision to offer true one-stop shop services Memphis Scrap, a new scrap processing partnership was opened as well, rounding out the new Morgan Steel Group of Companies. Morgan Steel also kept the equipment fleet growing with the installation of new 15kw and 20kw Bystronic 4020 Fiber Lasers and Bystronic Xpert Pro 200t and 320t Press Brakes in Memphis.


In February Morgan Steel celebrated 10 Years of success still driven by the same vision that forged us – that we exist because of, and for, the people who got us this far. Our Families, Communities, Team Members, Suppliers, and Partners are not only how we do it – they are the reason for everything that we do. Going forward under the leadership of Scott and Chris Morgan and Managing Partner Bob Payne, Morgan Steel looks to a bright future and is committed to continue reinvesting in growth. From 45,00 sqft to 500,000 sqft, a single location to multiple facilities in two states,  a team that has grown from less than 20 people to a team of 300 people, 2 delivery trucks to a fleet of more than 40, a saw and a shear to full manufacturing capabilities, and moving more than a million pounds of steel a day, we are still a family owned company that is committed to service and relationships above all else. 

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