Morgan Steel: A Great Place to Work, Grow and Achieve

Morgan Steel prides itself on a collaborative, supportive work environment where employees make a difference for company success.

Our team at Morgan Steel authentically cares about its people. We wouldn’t be what we are today without our employees, and work hard to stand apart with our company culture that emphasizes each employees’ role as part of our success. Our company motto, “Reap what you sow,” leads us in this culture, with each employee having the potential to progress, whether it’s professionally or personally.Year over year, our excellent team has surpassed sales projections and now Morgan Steel is rapidly expanding. We invite you to submit an application for consideration here.

What to Expect When Working with Morgan Steel

Morgan Steel is a fast paced, energetic environment, where management is hands-off and trusts their employees to prioritize the work. Our goal is that each employee feels proud and understands their individual value and efforts are what makes this company successful.  

Management works to reward employees and build a culture where Morgan Steel fits into your lifestyle as a convenient, fulfilling career.

We accommodate employees to the best of our ability. Empathizing and creating a healthy work-life balance for our employees is something we pride ourselves in.

●       We offer paid sick leave, as well as additional unpaid sick days.
●       We adjust work hours for parents and allow children in the office when employees cannot find a sitter/daycare.
●       When necessary, we provide medical leave and encourage employees to see a doctor when feeling unwell.
●       We offer catered lunches and company cookouts, often noted by our team as one of their favorite things about our company.
●       We offer a variety of events: a pool team, obstacle course races, golf tournaments, and more for our team.

Morgan Steel is 180 strong and growing. Our team is friendly and collaborative. Want to find out? Submit your application and our team will be in touch if an opportunity fits.